Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative

MCLI, the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative, is a non-profit organisation consisting of Infrastructure Investors, Service Providers and Stakeholders from Mozambique, South Africa and the Kingdom of eSwatini who are focussed on the promotion and further development of the Maputo Development Corridor (MDC) as the region's primary logistics transportation route.
We are advantageously positioned to facilitate inclusively between all stakeholders, public and private, across national borders, aiming to co-ordinate the views of Service Providers and Users of the Corridor, engaging primarily the governments of South Africa and Mozambique as well as the Kingdom of eSwatini.
  • To remove barriers along the Corridor
  • To inform the market of developments on the Corridor and
  • To market the strategic benefits and opportunities of using it, thereby making the MDC the first choice for the regions importers and exporters alike.

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Recent Events

 MCLI AGM and Transport Forum Event, 1 February 2018 - Presentations