Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative

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MCLI, in collaboration with the Transport Forum, will host an one day Maputo Corridor stakeholder forum event on the 7th of February 2019 in Mbombela themed Are We On The Slippery Slop to Ruin? Why Illicit Trade Destroys Economies and Upends Legitimate Business

Draft Program



OPENING SESSION: High Level Representation

The Impact of Illicit Trade on Trade and Economic Growth and Undermining Economic Order

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Keynote Address : Illicit Trade and Economics - Why The Region Must Address Illicit Trade to Ensure Sustainable Growth

Lessons from the Maputo Corridor Countries and Why a Regional Approach is Required

SESSION 1: A Response to Growing Challenges in Illicit Trade

The Imperatives for Legitimate Trade and the Role of Corridor Management Institutions

Best Practice in Addressing Illicit Trade: What Works, What Doesn’t and What Should Countries be doing to Combat Illicit Trade / Role of Political Will in addressing corruption, illicit trade and non-compliance

SESSION 2: The Ethics

Key strategies for changing mindsets and encouraging compliance

Why Ethical governance and business practice is critical for trade

Illicit goods and informal trade: The impact of corruption and illicit trade on the poor

Q&A Session

SESSION 3: Panel Discussion

Can Collaboration between Public and Private Sector Aid Efforts to Address Illicit Trade?

SESSION 4:  Panel Discussion

The User Experience: Balancing Efficiency with Compliance and Policing

Q&A Session


SESSION 5: Panel Discussion

Security Technology : Making Tampering More Difficult and Cargo More Secure

Q&A Session

Closure and Lucky Draws (Winners must be present!)