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Vodacom Mozambique is a Mozambican company that started its operation in Mozambique in December 2003 and its main objective is to offer a high quality, reliable mobile network and through new communication technology bring everything that's good for Mozambique.

The shareholders of Vodacom Mozambique include Vodacom International Limited (85%) and local partners such as EMOTEL ‐ Mozambique Telecommunications Company, SARL (5%), the Intelec Holdings Limited (5%) and Whatana Investments Limited (5%).

Dr. Salimo Abdula, a representative of the shareholder Intelec Holdings Limited, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vodacom Mozambique since April 1, 2009. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is appointed by a bi‐annual basis, with the position rotating among all the shareholders.

In June 2006, Vodacom launched GPRS data service, the only operator with EDGE technology at the time and together with the innovative services and packages Clique. And, progression the innovation of its services, Vodacom Mozambique enhanced the technology by introducing the 3G network in an investment which was approximated to 170 million MT.

In March 2010, Vodacom reached a market share of 45%. Determined to offer the best service and focused on societal issues, Vodacom has developed important social responsibility actions in several areas, most notably in the rehabilitation and construction of schools, installation of computer rooms and distribution of textbooks and school supplies at various schools around the country. Vodacom continues to introduce new ways to take Tudo Bom to more people in the country.

Source: Vodacom Mozambique


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