7 April 2016


This Thursday we introduce you to nine MCLI member companies and cooperative partners. The active support and participation of our members and partners ensure that MCLI remains a dynamic voice for stakeholders on the Maputo Corridor.

Dear MCLI Member and Stakeholders

Today we are pleased to introduce you to:

Concargo Distribution
Kingmans Resources
Manganese Metal Company (MMC)
Manica Freight Services (Mozambique)
Maquirent Logistics
Mozal Aluminium
Omega Global Forwarding
Payflex Trading
Stabilis Auditoria e Consultoria


Concargo Distribution
Concargo provides a daily expedited trucking Over/Cross Border (Cross Border Road Transport Agency), Door to Door Road Transport Service into all frontier countries and throughout Southern/Sub-Saharan and Equatorial Africa into all SADC (Southern African Development Community) and COMESA (Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa) countries, hauling general cargo such as palletised goods, machinery, drums and industrial equipment etc, to and from numerous towns including on and offline routes.

Concargo offers an wide range of supply chain and transportation services, comprised of, Road Transport Africa, Road Transport South Africa and Project Cargo Management.

Our supplementary services include Transit insurance, industry verticals.

Contact: David Kruyer
Tel: +27 21 930 9160


Kingmans Resources
We at Kingmans offer a wide range of experience in supplying all types of border security, homeland protection, airport and seaport security systems and equipment. This includes high quality non-intrusive x-ray scanning equipment for cargo and aircraft. Supply and training of provision of Specialist K9 dogs for military and commercial applications.

Kingman resources with the joint venture partners operating more than 20 countries and have more than 50 highly reputed clients worldwide an inevitable reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry. We act as agents/dealers/principals for Kingman’s (MRL) Cyprus and other international Defence contractors.

Contact: Charles Elliott
Tel: +27 11 463 2389


Manganese Metal Company (MMC)
MMC – the First Choice in Pure Manganese!

MMC’s plant is situated in Nelspruit, South Africa, and is the world’s only non-China based producer of electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) and the world’s largest producer of 99.9% (selenium-free) EMM. MMC has been in operation since 1974.

MMC has a unique global marketing network and is a niche market supplier of various quality grades of EMM to an established customer base. MMC supplies more than 120 customers in 20 countries and holds warehouse stock in most countries.

The systems, equipment, safe operating philosophy and excellent business practices of MMC provide our customers peace of mind, first-class quality and reliable supply. MMC, as a refinery, is also well aligned with the South African government’s objectives of beneficiation and empowerment.

Contact: Shirley Mnisi
Tel: +27 13 759 4671


Manica Freight Services (Mozambique)
As a local leader, Manica Freight Services enjoys the benefit of being one of Mozambique’s largest companies, employing over 250 workers always aiming to identify and capitalize on local and international opportunities, prioritizing sustainable growth and compliance with the highest quality standards.

Manica Freight Services consists of a highly qualified team of experienced managers throughout the country. A team of leaders more than capable of providing complex technical solutions and expertise at proactive strategic innovation based on total quality management principles aimed at continuous improvement of the company’s policies and procedures.

Contact: Ahmad Chothia
Tel: +258 21 426 024


Maquirent Logistics
Professionals with the required knowledge and skills to meet all your shipping needs. You will benefit from the advantages of efficient shipping practices and strategic industry alliances, for a complete, guaranteed low cost Logistics Service.

To be a valued service oriented enterprise and the first choice of our target markets.

Create valued individual experiences. Epitomize integrity, quality & professionalism committed to excellence. Provide innovative solutions & strive to become a strategic partner for our Clients.

Contact: Feisal Lalá
Tel: +258 82 318 6310


Mozal Aluminium
The Mozal Aluminium smelter was established in Mozambique in July 1998. Backed by a US$2 billion investment, the smelter was the largest private investment in the country and the first large foreign direct investment in Mozambique.

Mozal uses Aluminium Pechiney AP35 technology to produce standard aluminium ingots. The smelting process involves the electrolytic reduction of alumina that has been dissolved in a molten electrolyte bath to produce liquid aluminium in specialised reaction vessels that are known as pots.

Mozal is the only aluminium smelter in Mozambique and the second-largest aluminium smelter in Africa.

Contact: Sumeia Ismael
Tel: +258 21 735 708


Omega Global Forwarding
Omega Global Forwarding has been established and founded on the basis that we realize that our customers deserve more and this is the true focus within our company at all times.

Our business is based on our passion to exceed our customers’ expectations and in so doing delivering excellence. We have identified the inconsistencies within our industry, as well as the good, based on constant education and observation in our chosen field over 22 years.

We bring combined experience which has been our driving force in formulating a conclusive and turnkey methodology in how to motivate the quantum leap in achieving optimal customer satisfaction.

Contact: Vicki-Leigh Meyer
Tel: +27 11 028 6012


Payflex Trading
The World Of Shipping and Customs Clearing International and Local Transportation.

We aim to simplify movement and clearance of cargo for highly advanced multinational corporate and individual importers and exporters.

We aim to be the best regional cargo forwarding agent strategically positioned for all regional and international importers and exporters.

We will go with your cargo all the way

Mission Statement
Quality Service guaranteed throughout all clients from individual car importers to multinational importers and exporters.

Efficiency and Professionalism integrated to client’s total satisfaction.

Reliability and Honesty as the basis of client relationship building.

Contact: Givemore Gurie
Tel: +258 84 930 4844


Stabilis Auditoria e Consultoria
STABILIS has extended its portfolio to Mozambique and has opened a new Company in Maputo which will address the need for financial support services in the neighbouring country.

Mr Henri Pieters, CEO of Stabilis Incorporated, says they have identified the need among many of their existing and non-clients for financial-support services in Mozambique, which include auditing, accounting services, the preparation of monthly management accounts, as well as taxation.

STABILIS is a dynamic Mpumalanga based firm which distinguishes itself in the market place by assisting our clients to successfully manage the opportunities, challenges and risks in their economic and business environment.

Contact: Robert Walker
Tel: +258 84 303 0669





Best Regards
Barbara Mommen
Chief Executive Officer
Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI)


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