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4PL FLEET is a third party logistics business operating within the South African cross boarder bulk transport industry. The business is a bulk commodity carrier owning and operating a fleet of 6x4 truck tractor’s coupled with 35 ton side tipper trailers and bottom discharge grain trains.

The business is based in Kaalfontein (Gauteng) and has an on-site workshop for maintenance, cleaning and tyre management. All the vehicles are serviced with accredited workshops in South Africa. The company has set replacement policies for the fleet which is a culmination of age and kilometres. All trucks are branded and we comply with all health and safety regulations within the mineral sector.

The business is 100% owned by 4PL.Group, a privately owned business focussed on offering world class multimodal supply chain solutions within Southern Africa.

4PL FLEET is a fully operational business that forms part of the 4PL Group portfolio, 4PL FLEET sources our own volumes and has a diversified client base within the bulk Mineral and Agricultural industry. 4PL FLEET is committed to transformation & is Level 5 in terms of the B-B BEE scorecard.

4PL FLEET is a company that adopts the greater 4PL Group culture of service excellence and service reliability.

The board and shareholders have strong aspirations to grow the business on the back of volumes originating from corporate mineral and agricultural clients in South Africa.

The management team has a wealth of experience in running commercial vehicles,

The finance and admin is handled in house by our experienced 4PL FLEET Finance and Admin team.