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MACS Maritime Carrier GmbH & Co was founded in 1970 by Felix Scheder-Bieschin Senior and is today involved in Shipping and Transport activities world-wide. The main activity of MACS is the Multipurpose Liner Service between the United Kingdom/Europe and Southern Africa which commenced in 1979. In 1983 MACS incorporated the service of a competitor, AESL, owned by Steenkool & Handelsvereeniging (SHV) of Rotterdam. The integration of AESL into the MACS service substantially increased the lines' capacity in terms of vessels and containers.

In 1992 MACS joined the Europe Southern Africa Conference to be appointed the official Multipurpose Carrier of the Conference. In 1997 the fleet has been modernised by adding three new Multipurpose Container vessels. They are designed specifically and tailor-made for the requirements of the Europe-Southern Africa trade. With this fleet renewal program MACS is well positioned to take on the challenges of the future. From its inception MACS' service has been well known for its reliable and flexible operation. MACS' ability to combine Containers, Project Cargoes, RoRo, Heavy Lifts, General Cargo, Dry and Liquid Bulk has made MACS the success it is today.

MACS is owned by a family partnership and has maintained its identity throughout the last 25 years. On the Board of Directors the next generation is already represented, complementing the experience of age with its initiative and spirit of innovation.


The main activity of MACS is the Multipurpose Liner Service between the United Kingdom/Europe and Southern Africa.

Feeder Service

In addition to our service between main ports, MACS offers the most effective transport options throughout Europe and Southern Africa. We have established partnerships with fast, reliable feeder, barge, rail and truck operators connecting directly with the MACS terminals.

Our in-house transport company offers door-to-door container transports and we are also specialised in break bulk feedering. Flexibility is our goal: You can be sure we will find the best way to get your cargo to the destination you require.

USA Service

Since the re-opening of trade links with Europe, hundreds of thousands of tons of steel products, including hot and cold rolled coils, wire rods, rebars, plates and billets, have been carried by MACS ships to and from Southern Africa.

Our fleet has delivered pipelines to bring gas and oil supplies to the country; presses to set up new printing plans; and generators to feed hi-tech chemical factories.

MACS Angolan Service

We offer a joint venture liner service with our partners ANNA (Angola South Line) from UK/NWC to Malongo, Soyo, Lobito and Luanda (Unicargas and Sonils) and vice versa.

We tranship via Cape Town and regular sailings with modern multi-purpose vessels are being offered for any kind of break bulk, heavy lift, project and containerised cargoes (liner dry equipment plus shipper own reefers). In addition we can also offer break bulk from Malongo, Soyo, Lobito and Luanda (Unicargas and Sonils) to Maputo/Mozambique via Cape Town/Durban and vice versa.

Container Service

The MACS fleet provides a competitive and reliable container service, wether we are delivering to Europe, Southern Africa or North America. Our sailing schedules are designed to offer you maximum flexibility in terms of frequency, transit times and ports of call. With logistical planning, reduced delivery times, integration of land and sea transport and door-to-door service we do everything possible to ensure that your cargo is moved safely, efficiently and on time.

Break Bulk Service

The combination of operational flexibility and competitive freight rates have made MACS the market leader in the carriage of multi-grade bulk cargoes in the Southern Africa/N.W. Europe market for over 25 years.

In the hold of each MACS ship, bulk parcels from as small as 500 mtons to 5000 mts are secured and separated by custom-made retainer devices.

MACS vessels feature superior deck strengths and powerful on-board cranes, which allow for swift unloading and loading anywhere, regardless of the capabilities of the port itself. The ships are ideal for almost all types of bulk and break bulk cargo, however heavy or voluminous.

Project Cargo

The MACS Multipurpose vessels offer the option to transport any type of project cargo. Specially-designed ships' gear allows us to handle heavy lifts and long length units independent of shore cranes in any port.

This flexibility enables us to call at ports and terminals out of our range to meet the widest range of cargo requirements.

In addition our vessels are designed to carry RoRo as well as high and heavy cargo. The large ramp capacity allows even very heavy mobile cargo, such as roadbuilding machinery or railway locomotives, to roll on board.

Project cargo comes in an infinite range of unpredictable size, and we guarantee that the team will give 100% commitment to transporting it safely on a MACS vessel.