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Maputo Liquids Storage Company (MLSC), owners and operators of a bulk liquids storage facility and Customs Bonded Warehouse located within Maputo Port, is a subsidiary of Wilmar International Limited.

Cargoes handled by the modern bulk liquids vegetable oil terminal known as Maputo Liquids Storage Company Limitada are increasing in diversity and origin.

Maputo Liquids Storage Company has also become a Customs bonded warehouse, creating a buffer stock arriving by ship and sold ex-tank to local and potentially to foreign refineries.

It is now ten years since Maputo Liquids Storage Company – a subsidiary of Singapore-based Wilmar International Limited, one of Asia’s biggest integrated agribusiness groups – established the six heated storage tanks, each with 1,670 cubic metres capacity, to handle a range of bulk vegetable oil imports and exports. Facilities include dual pipeline links from storage facility to tanker berth, road tanker loading gantry with four loading stations, a weighbridge, administrative office, staff amenities, canteen, machines room and workshop/maintenance facilities.

General Information

Commodities handled: bulk vegetable oil

Maputo Liquids Storage Company Limitada is comprised of six heated storage tanks totalling 10,000 cubic metres capacity located close to Maputo Port’s bulk tanker berth 16, it also includes two pipelines linking to the tanker berth, four road tanker loading bays, a 100 tonne capacity weighbridge, fully equipped workshop, maintenance facilities, offices, staff amenities and canteen.

Maputo Liquids Storage Company’s parent company African Tank Terminals Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equatorial Trading Limited of Malaysia, part of one of Asia’s largest integrated agribusiness groups, Wilmar International Limited of Singapore.