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Mekgopaze Nkosi Trading Enterprise CC trading as Mekgopa Logistics is a 100% black owned company established in 2006 by a married couple Mr and Mrs Maripane both from Belfast Emakhazeni Municipality, Nkangala District.

The establishment of the company inspired by the love for entrepreneurial life and the benefits attached to it, as well as the call by the then government led by President Thabo Mbeki that it was time for black people to start participating in the main stream economy of South Africa through starting own businesses. As a couple we took this as an opportunity, and without hesitation we stepped in and Mekgopaze Nkosi Trading Enterprise CC was born.  Current and future flow of development within South Africa and Africa as a whole.

We anticipated transformation and growth in both mining and transport sector in South Africa, and thus motivated us to constantly seek new opportunities and make use of them. The transformation in the banking sector has also made a huge difference in that it made it possible for emerging entrepreneurs such as us to secure funding and invest in a capital intensive business such as ours. To date, our efforts have yielded positive results.  Our company has employed more than 50 people in different positions, ranging from drivers, general workers, middle and lower level management. We consider this initiative as, a participation in the gradually growing South African economy.

Transportation of coal is our main business. Even so, we are looking forward to diversify and launch our plant hire business in the near future. Mekgopaze Nkosi Trading Enterprise CC trading as Mekgopa logistics is here to contact Transportation and Plant Hire business activities with integrity and compliance with both national and international accepted principles’ and practices.