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We are a global shipping line and conduct business in more than 130 countries around the world. Safmariners around the globe share a common goal; to be known as the people making the difference in shipping because of the way that we engage with our customers. For us it’s not what we do; it’s how we do it. Safmariners are people who spend time with their customers and get to know their business. Safmariners are professional and accountable; Safmariners deliver the high level of service and dedication that our customers have come to expect from the carriage of their goods under a Safmarine Bill of Lading.

Our Business

Safmarine is a merger of two proud shipping companies - Safmarine, which originated in South Africa, and CMB-T, founded in Belgium. We were acquired by the AP Moller-Maersk Group in 1999; the acquisition was part of our intention to widen our network by linking with a global carrier. This combination of over a hundred years of shipping experience in Africa and South Asia as well as being member of the AP Moller-Maersk Group provides our customers in these markets access to the most modern vessels, the world’s largest and most sophisticated container pools as well as world-class information systems – in other words, the finest shipping infrastructure in the world.

Our Core Trades

We specialise in the sea transportation of cargoes to and from Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. While our core focus is on the trades that connect these markets, we are also very active in North and South America, Europe, Mediterranean and Asia.


At Safmarine, we know that growing a sustainable business is about doing more than providing customers with a high-quality, cost-competitive shipping service. We also need to find the balance between ‘people, planet and profit’ by minimising any negative impact our business has on the environment, whilst contributing positively to our people, our communities, our customers and our stakeholders. Our five key areas of sustainability are: Health, Safety and Well-being; Environment and Climate Change; Security; Social Responsibility; and Responsible Business Practice. We believe in actively managing these five areas, as doing so will not only allow Safmarine to anticipate new challenges and continuously find ways to create long-term value for all our stakeholders, but it will also make it easier for our customers to choose Safmarine as their ‘sustainable’ carrier of choice.


Safmarine Container Lines specialises in the sea transportation of cargoes between Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent as well as operating in other trades. Our services are mainly based on fully containerised vessels but we also have a division offering services for non-unitisable (break bulk and project) cargo.

Containerised Services

Safmarine Container Lines specialises in the sea transportation of containerised cargoes between Africa, Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent as well as operating in other trades.

We understand that these challenging markets require our commitment and personal touch. Our increasing focus is to continuously improve our services that go beyond just providing you with the best rates and best network.

We partner with you every step of the way, helping you decide and plan your transportation in the most cost and time-efficient manner.

Our containerised service offering also includes Europe, Far East, North and South America as well as West Central Asia.

Specialised Services

At Safmarine we know that shipping requirements differ from commodity to commodity, just as they do from customer to customer.

Which is why we're proud to introduce our specialised shipping services for commodities and reefer.

CommCare is more than a specialist service developed to serve the needs of customers involved in the shipment of coffee and cocoa. The service is extended to include the commodities tea, tobacco, cotton and rubber.

We also has been safely transporting temperature sensitive cargo for more than 60 years.

To remain ahead of our competitors our newbuild refrigerated containers are equipped with the latest available technologies.

We also invest in education programs to make sure that Safmarine staff are known as 'the people who make the difference' in reefer shipping.