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Committed to excellence in all we do, Sasol is an international integrated energy and chemical company that leverages the talent and expertise of our more than 34 000 people working in 38 countries.

Vision and Values

What we aspire to as the Sasol group, is what is known as our common vision. This guides and informs all our work.

Our common vision is to grow profitably, sustainably and inclusively, while delivering value to stakeholders through technology and the talent of our people in the energy and chemical markets in Southern Africa and worldwide.

Our Common Goal

For Sasol to be strong and sustainably profitable, we have to know what we are working towards (our goal) and what is expected of us as individuals, as teams and as an organisation.

Our common goal is to make Sasol a great company that delivers long-term value to its shareholders and employees, a company that has a positive association for all stakeholders.

This statement confirms that we are focused on delivering value to our shareholders and employees. It also recognises the vital roles that all of our stakeholders play in ensuring our long-term success.

Our Shared Values

Our shared values define what we stand for as an organisation and inform our actions and our behaviour. They determine the way in which we interpret and respond to various situations.

Our shared values establish expectations about how we, as employees of Sasol, work with and treat each other, our customers, shareholders, suppliers, partners and the communities we serve.

Sasol has six shared values. These are:

Safety: We are committed to zero harm and all that we do, we do safely.

People: We create a caring, engaged and enabled work environment that recognises both individual and team contributions in pursuit of high performance.

Integrity: We act consistently on a set of values, ethical standards and principles.

Accountability: We take ownership of our behaviour and responsibility to perform both individually and in teams.

Stakeholder focus: We serve our stakeholders through quality products, service solutions and value creation.

Excellence in all we do: We deliver what we promise and add value beyond expectations.

Products Overview

Through Sasol proprietary technologies and processes the main products we produce are: fuel components, chemical components and co-products.

From these main products and further value-adding processes we deliver diesel, petrol (gasoline), naphtha, kerosene (jet fuel), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), olefins, alcohols, polymers, solvents, surfactants, comonomers, ammonia, methanol, crude tar acids, sulphur, illuminating paraffin, bitumen and fuel oil. Even further processing produces numerous additional products.

Our products are used in the production process of numerous everyday products made worldwide and benefit the lives of millions of people around the world. They include hot-melt adhesives, car products, microchip coatings, printing inks, household and industrial paints, mobile phone circuit boards, transport fuels, compact discs, medical lasers, sun creams, perfumes and plastic bottles.

Access our product catalogue and search the database using the left navigation menu, which has been structured according to our major product groups. If you know the specific product you’re interested in, type the product name in the ‘search by keyword’ field. Alternatively, use the drop down menus to find the product the right product for you.