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Sociedade de Terminais de Moçambique

Sociedade de Terminais de Moçambique

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Your Maputo Corridor Multi-Modal Solution

STM - Sociedade de Terminais de Moçambique, Lda, is a multimodal customs terminal, with road and rail valence, which opens the doors of Mozambique to the world.

The users of our Terminal, such as exporters, importers, freight forwarders, customs dispatchers, manufacturers and transporters, recognize our skills and make the most of a modern, efficient and fast infrastructure.

We Perform

Reception at the custom house of the goods and vehicles under customs that arrive to us by road and railway and its respective storage;

Cargo handling in our rail terminal;

Parking of lorries and other vehicles;

Receipt of transit goods (fruit, timber, minerals), from Mozambique’s neighbouring countries, consolidating them in containers and delivering them at the port of Maputo for export;

Loading, unloading, consolidation and deconsolidation of containers;

Depot, repair and cleaning of maritime containers.

Experts in Transport

Since its incorporation, the STM - Sociedade de Terminais de Moçambique, Lda, has been one of the major stakeholders in the development of the entire territory of Mozambique.

This customs terminal is located near the Maputo international airport and is prepared to receive and dispatch transit goods in or from neighbouring countries or territories at a global scale.

By road, railway and the busy Port of Maputo, the goods aiming at the success of your business are sheltered in our warehouse, and by connecting your merchandise to the world, we are creating more opportunities for business, wealth and quality of life for everyone.

Railroad Terminal of Mahotas

Mahotas Road-Rail Terminal has a total area of 110 000m2. This multimodal platform, prepared to provide handling cargo facilities, has the following infrastructures:


Area Size


9 000 m²

Warehouse Customs

1 500 m²

Loading and  unloading wharf of goods

60 000 m²

Area served by the railway

30 000 m²

Parking for heavy vehicles

1 130 m²

Office area

1 500 m²

Private Railway Section

400 m²

Parking for imported vehicles