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Federation of Swaziland Employers and Chamber of Commerce


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The Federation of Swaziland Employers and Chamber of Commerce (FSE & CC) is the leading private sector business organisation, which acts as a bridge for cooperation between business and government on efforts to help remove barriers to trade, mobilise investment, foster a good environment for business, promote good practice in corporate governance and corporate citizenship. It represents business employing the vast majority of workers outside of government, with more than 500 members and a dedicated team of seven employees; the FSE & CC is the force behind organised business and employers in Swaziland. Membership is open to businesses of any size or industry, and includes the majority of Swaziland’s top 200 companies. The organisation is recognised by businesses, organised labour, government and the international community where it currently holds membership of the International Organisation of Employers, Association of SADC Chambers of Commerce & Industry and the Pan-African Employers Confederation. I has signed cooperation agreements with many business organisations (Employers and Chambers of Commerce) within SADC and abroad.

The FSE & CC emerges out of an amalgamation of the then Swaziland Chamber of Commerce & Industry to the Federation of Swaziland Employers in July 2003. The Federation of Swaziland Employers was initially formed in 1964 primarily to promote, protect and advance the mutual interests of employers and provide a forum for consultation and collaboration on all matters arising out of the relation between employers and employees. The Swaziland Chamber of Commerce & Industry, on the other hand can trace its origin as far back as 1916. The Chamber was established as a non-profit voluntary association with its main aim being to represent and defend the interests of its members in promoting, fostering trade, commerce & industry of all descriptions.


Be the Voice of Business in Swaziland


To advocate, represent, and deliver services to members and;

To engage with stakeholders to influence policy for a conducive business environment


Trust, Integrity, Transparency and Respect

Mission Statement

To provide a professional service in order to promote a sustainable national economic environment for all stakeholders.

Our Mandate

The Constitution vests power on the Board of Directors over various areas relevant to broadcasting the voice of business at a local and national level, striving for an economic and cultural environment that fosters business growth, economic development and job creation.

The main objects of the organisations include:

To be an umbrella body for all businesses in Swaziland

To promote and defend the interests of its members in any way as may be considered necessary

To promote and foster trade, commerce and industry of all descriptions whatsoever, in and outside of Swaziland

To promote, support and/or make representations in relation to legislative or other measures affecting the interests of members and the trading environment

To collect, clarify and disseminate statistical and other information of relevance and interest to our members

To speak authoritatively and independently for the whole business community (business and employers) on issues of policy and public interest

To conciliate, negotiate, arbitrate or by any other means contribute to the settlement of commercial or industrial disputes".


The FSE & CC participates in policy dialogue with the government and has representation on the Boards and Committees, inter alia:

Tax Advisory Committee

Swaziland Environmental Authority

Industrial and Vocational Training Board

Central Tender Board

Swaziland National Provident Fund

Sales Tax (Customs and Excise Advisory Committee)

Labour Advisory Board

Training and Localisation Committee


Statistical Committee

Swaziland Energy Policy, Fuel Pricing Committee

Swaziland Coalition of Concerned Civic Organisations

Swaziland Human Development Forum

Swaziland National Trade Negotiation Team

Swaziland Road Safety Council