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Citrus Growers Association of Southern Africa

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The CGA was established by citrus growers in the wake of deregulation in 1997.  Growers were concerned that certain functions previously carried out by the Citrus Board could be discontinued or downsized.  With the demise of a single channel marketing  system there are often questions about “who represents the citrus grower?”  The CGA believes that it is their role to fill this void.  Growers interests are furthered through representation to citrus industry stakeholders – including government, exporters, research institutions and suppliers to the citrus industry.  The levy paid by all growers of export citrus has been a statutory levy since 2002. The CGA administers this levy and the growers have the mandate to advise the priorities and expenditure, under the guidance of the NAMC.

Mission Statement

The Citrus Growers Association will maximise the long-term profitability of its members by:

  • providing the industry with access to global markets,
  • optimizing cost effective production of quality fruit,
  • continual commitment to research, development and communication with all stakeholders,
  • caring for the environment and the community within which we operate.


Key Strategies

  • to gain and retain market access,
  • to set standards for fruit and quality,
  • to fund and control research and development,
  • to drive industry transformation
  • to represent the growers
  • to communicate effectively,
  • to optimize the structure of the C.G.A.