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Founded in 1978 by Jacques R. Saadé, today CMA CGM is the world’s third largest container shipping group and number one in France.

CMA CGM is headquartered in Marseille (France), and operates out of over 650 offices and agencies in more than 150 countries. With regular services on over 170 shipping lines, the Group manages a dense network capable of meeting the expectations of its customers all over the world. It is also one of the first global shipping operators to have control over the whole logistics chain offering a door-to-door service that integrates both inland waterway transport (River Shuttle Containers) and railways (CMA Rail), as well as port handling facilities and logistics on land.

For 35 years, the CMA CGM Group has stood out for its team spirit and level of service. Based on the listening skills, expertise and total commitment of its 18,000 staff members worldwide, CMA CGM offers efficient services and innovative products such as, for example, shipping lines dedicated to certain markets, eco-friendly bamboo-floor containers and information technology tools like the eco-calculator.

The CMA CGM Group’s primary objective is to meet the growing needs of its customers from a sustainable development perspective.

The CMA CGM ASAF Line offers customers a direct call service with first class service linking Mozambique and Far East in a short transit time. CMA CGM also offers a regular service for fruits and ores from Limpopo and Mpumalanga areas in South Africa, scrap and all cargo from Mozambique, hinterland and landlocked countries, served via the Maputo Corridor.