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Heymans Kole (Pty) Ltd

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Heymans Kole (Pty) Ltd was founded in the 1950's and proudly services the Bulk Transportation and Coal Supply Industry. It is one of the companies in the GCK Group of Companies founded by the Managing Director, Gert Christiaan Koch.

Originally located in the Standerton CBD, the company headquarters relocated to their current location on the farm Vlakfontein 8km outside town.

In 1996 the fleet consisted of 8 vehicles. Today, Heymans Kole offers an extensive fleet of over 100 vehicles operating from numerous centres across the country.

At Heymans Kole (Pty) Ltd we aim to provide excellent customer service and establish long term relationships with our customers.


To offer a high quality service to our customers. Maintaining a cost effective transport and supply segment. We will maintain ethical business principals and we will uplift and support our labour force and environment.


To excel as a leading company in an ever-changing transport and supply environment by providing services of the best value to our customers.

This we aim to do by maintaining high safety standards and excellent levels of customer care, developing our staff and delivering on time, every time!


Our fleet of 110 heavy vehicles consists of the following:

  • 38Ton Side Tipper Links
  • 35Ton Side Tipper Links
  • 35Ton Rigid & Drawbar Backend Tippers
  • 30Ton Copelyn and Drawbar Trailer Backend Tippers
  • 30Ton Sliding Bin Backend Tippers
  • 30Ton Belt Driven Backend Dischargers
  • 34Ton Cement Tankers
  • 40,000L Fuel Tankers

The average age of our existing fleet is 18 months. All our vehicles are replaced on a 3 year / 500,000 km basis.