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The Association of Trade, Industry and Services (ACIS) is an autonomous and private non-profit entity that for more than 17 years has contributed to the promotion and development of the Commercial, Industrial and Services sectors, representing about 400 companies, including Small , Medium and Large, national and international, operating in Mozambique.

Since its creation, ACIS has been a privileged partner of the Government in the discussion of several issues of interest to economic agents, in addition to the elaboration and approval of economic-business legislation.

What We Do

ACIS focuses its actions on providing useful information to members regarding the exercise of economic activity in Mozambique, institutional capacity building, and lobbying and advocacy to remove barriers to the business environment.

In addition, in order to stimulate investments and identify opportunities in the international market, as well as promote the development of strategic networking and business training, ACIS has promoted events of different formats and for different purposes: National and international business missions, business forums , conferences, business Cocktail , businessbreakfasts, among others.


Since its inception, ACIS has developed advocacy actions to improve the business environment, based on the problems presented by its members in the scope of auscultation, as well as the study of studies to deepen certain issues that constitute barriers for the development of the Private Sector.

It is in this context that over the years and since its creation it has been a privileged partner of the Government in the discussion to elaborate and approve legislation of interest to economic agents.

ACIS members have the right to request assistance in resolving conflicts they may face in their relationship with the Public Administration.

Information and training activities

ACIS has at its disposal an extensive library on legislation and general information, both in electronic and print form. We strive to keep the library up-to-date to provide members with the most up-to-date information on new legislation, changes in government licensing requirements, call for payment of taxes and other required obligations, statistics, economic data and news articles local and regional authorities. Usually, each week, our members receive between 10 and 30 e-mail messages with this information. Along the same path, ACIS has developed information guides for investors, in a series known as "The Legal Framework".

 The information service also includes the production of an electronic newsletter that has an approach towards the business world, seeking to bring about business environment issues in various sectors of activity and opinions on economic legislation.

In addition to providing information, ACIS supports its members by organizing or facilitating participation in training courses in various areas such as the Labor Law in force in the Republic of Mozambique, matters on Ethics, Complainance and Management.