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Cross-Border Road Transport Agency

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At the heart of the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) is a proud history of providing dedicated service to cross-border road transport operators, in the form of market access regulation, issuing cross-border permits as well as providing necessary support to the rapidly growing small and medium cross-border road transport businesses. The C-BRTA has remained the driving force behind the cross-border business focus, regardless of the challenges it has faced over the past 17 years.


The C-BRTA has carved a significant role for itself as a partner of choice to both the public and private sector through its willingness to take the necessary risks to achieve the feats that it has for a growing database of cross-border road transport operators. This is in line with the C-BRTA’s mandate of consistently improving the flow of passenger and goods movements by road transport to ensure sustainable growth in the in the SADC region’s economy.

The Future

There is a lot more that can, and must, be expected from the C-BRTA. The Agency is positively positioned, more than ever before, to aid the South African economy by facilitating the movement of greater numbers of goods and passengers, and harmonising standards with neighbouring countries thus increasing the value of trade between South Africa and the SADC community.