Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative

Partners – CCIMOSA -Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mozambique South Africa



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  • Lucas Chachine – Chairman
  • Madina Rocha – Executive Secretary
  • + 258 21 495 197/8
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The Mozambique - South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMOSA) is a Mozambican institution, founded in 1994, that has its objective, the promotion of economic, social and commercial relations, for mutual benefit, between the business communities in Mozambique and in South Africa.

Our members are Mozambican and South African companies involved in commercial and industrial activities in both countries, ranging from multinationals to small and medium-sized enterprises.

CCIMOSA is the voice of the business community in both Mozambique and South Africa in working with the respective governments and, with the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Mozambique (CTA).

What we do

We promote the interests of our members with the authorities in Mozambique and in South Africa;

We maintain close relationships with the governments and economic associations within the two countries;

We recommend our members to entities that contact us seeking business partners or contacts;

We play an active role in keeping our chamber management and our members up-to-date about development in their areas of interest, such as:

The development of the Maputo Corridor - in which CCIMOSA has played a leading role in representing the Mozambique private sector, under CTA, to the Mozambican authorities;

In this aspect CCIMOSA is the Chairman of the Board of MCLI (Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative) supporting the companies involved in the corridor to develop their business;

Promote tourism between Mozambique and South Africa;

Promote investment in both countries;

Participate in main trade and industrial events in both countries;

Help improve the business environment in both countries stressing the Mozambican market;

Our regular activities include

Holding round table discussion on topics, suggested by our members, which are of interest to them with invited speakers;

Active participation in the meetings and in the work of the CTA (the Federation of Chambers) in multiple matters that affect the private sector;

Participation in the production of the business confidence index (BCI)