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Partners – FESARTA – Federation of Southern African Road Transport Associations

Federation of Southern African Road Transport Associations


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To achieve wide recognition of the value of the road transport industry to the East and Southern African region and to enhance its efficiency and competitiveness through the National Road Transport Associations.


To actively support the member National Road Transport Associations, to strengthen the less-developed Associations and to encourage the formation of Associations in countries where none exists.

To actively propose, promote, support or oppose, as may be deemed expedient, legislative or other measures to improve the efficiency of regional road transport services, through national governments, COMESA and SADC.

To participate fully in the activities of the SATCC RSCom and other appropriate sectors of SADC and COMESA.

To actively encourage the participation of the National Road Transport Associations in projects and practices intended to prevent or contain the spread of HIV/AIDS in the region.

To identify common training needs in the region and to seek cost-effective solutions.

To endeavour, as far as possible, to be financially self-sustaining through commercial ventures, with limited reliance on membership fees from the National Road Transport Associations.

To encourage the settlement of disputes within the road transport industry, by conciliatory methods.

To co-operate or affiliate with any other body, group or persons having objectives similar to those of FESARTA.