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Partners – MOVECOA – Associacão dos Condutores de Veiculo e Motorizados de Mocambique

Associacão dos Condutores de Veiculo e Motorizados de Mocambique


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  • Sebastião Thovela
  • +258 84 446 4224
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MOVECOA is a collective of private nature, with no gain objectives, with juridical personality, with administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy

MOVECOA has its head office in Maputo-City, it can have representation in any part of the country as well as abroad.

MOVECOA has a national ambit (Coverage)

MOVECOA presumes the following objectives

Ensure unity and cooperation among motor vehicles drivers;

Stimulate and incentivize a culture of defensive driving in public roads;

To cooperate with Government and nongovernmental institutions and promote volunteer work in public roads in view of recycling (putting again) the transit regulatory signs that may have been obstructed;

Defend in court or outside court the moral and material rights of drivers;

Establish cooperation agreements or contracts with agencies, associations or national and international organisms that make it viable the promotion and defense of rights and duties of drivers;

Promote and elevate the ethical, cultural and technical level of the members;

Promote working journeys that contribute to road safety.

MOVECOA may develop other activities connected or linked with the view of fulfillment of the objectives established in art 4 of the present statutes.