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South African Business Coalition on HIV/Aids


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The South African Business Coalition on Health and AIDS t/a SABCOHA is a Non-Profit organisation that was registered in 2001. It is a member-based organization that was established by a group of local and multi-national corporations to facilitate and coordinate the private sector response to HIV and AIDS. In 2012 SABCOHA’s remit was expanded to cover the whole spectrum of Health. SABCOHA is in a unique and strategic position within the private sector with access to a range of industries in order to reach working men and women, in both the formal and informal economies.

SABCOHA’s strategic goal is to co-ordinate the Private Sector in response to the national health agenda in the form of high-level advocacy, leadership and collaboration.

Our Vision

Guided by national and international health goals, SABCOHA aims to provide a platform for business to advocate around health and productivity issues that either directly or indirectly affect ROI and economic growth in the workplace and beyond.

Our Mission

SABCOHA seeks to mitigate the impact of the national burden of disease on sustained profitability and economic growth, by ensuring that the Private Sector is part of an integrated and effective response to health at national, provincial, municipal and district level.


SABCOHA aims to serve as a link between government and private sector health initiatives, with a special focus on key populations affected by the TB and AIDS epidemics. It is a member-based organisation consisting of industry leaders who recognize the importance of the private sector’s role in addressing the national burden of disease.