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The SA-Mozambique Chamber of Commerce (SAMOZACC) was established as a result of an overwhelming response and interest shown by business people who expressed a need to engage in business opportunities in Mozambique. SAMOZACC is an independent, non-political, non-profit, subscription-based organisation, operating in it's capacity as a Chamber of Commerce, to promote, provide information and offer advice about South Africa and Mozambique, creating opportunities and facilitating partnerships where possible.


Our vision is to contribute towards sustainable development and economic growth for South Africa and Mozambique through providing a service to businesspeople enabling access to information and assistance.


Our mission is to create conditions that are conducive and in line with our vision whereby we engage with the South African and Mozambique governments to assist, promote and protect the interests of business.

Aims and Objecives

Our aim is to provide an organisation and opportunities which facilitate the achievement of our vision, mission and values of the Chamber. The main objective of the Chamber is to operate as a vehicle to offer advice, provide information about South Africa and Mozambique, and facilitate partnerships where possible through organising events and networking sessions.

Other Chamber objectives include the following:

To interact with appropriate institutions in support of practical and effective business related bilateral agreements that will expand business opportunities.

To raise Chamber members' views on business-related policy issues that affect their interests.

To facilitate assistance from well-trained and knowledgeable business promotion specialists.

To enhance insight through networking and business matching assistance with contacts in key public and private sector positions.

To promote the Chamber member's interest fairly and non-discriminatory basis.

Services Offered

Our service offering is customised to suit the requirements of each of our members.

Provide information on registration of companies in South Africa and Mozambique

Advise on translation services.

Facilitate the establishment of business entities between South African and Mozambique.

Organise trade missions to Mozambique and South Africa.

Organising Conferences and workshops.

Lobby for the removal of common challenges facing businesses.