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Southern African Road Federation


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Objectives of the SARF

The Federation provides contact between South Africa`s road industry sectors and facilitates the distribution of expertise throughout the diverse disciplines, which have impact and application on the industry.

The Federation has close links with the International Road Federation. By liaison with this organisation`s Programme Centres in Geneva and Washington the latest developments in road technology, policy and management worldwide are made available to local industry.

In this way sound policies are promoted by SARF in every aspect of road transport infrastructure and management from geometric design to roadside advertising. SARF has established an Environmental Committee that will:

Promote the economic, social and environmental benefits which are derived from developing and maintaining road networks, road transport systems and road traffic control. Support and encourage the design and construction of environmentally sound road networks and allied systems.

Air, noise and visual pollution are of great concern to all engaged in road transportation and the Federation prides itself on practicing an open and honest awareness of such matters.

Promotion of Roads, Road Transportation & Road Safety

The Federation is committed to the aims and objectives and the scope of activities laid down in its constitution, namely:

DISSEMINATION of information

To act in the interests of members

To provide contact between members

To assess members` needs

PROMOTION of roads and road transportation

To promote an effective road transport policy at all levels of government

To originate and promote improvements in road transport policy

To gain support by cooperation with the IRF

To advance the Southern African economy by means of a sound road transport industry

To promote Road Safety in South Africa

EDUCATION AND TRAINING of all those engaged in the road transportation industry

To hold Road related seminars and conferences

To provide SARF bursaries and administer IRF Fellowships

To present courses that offer CPD points and are ECSA accredited