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Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut

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SBi, formerly known as the AHi, stands for a free-market approach to grow SMEs, create jobs, and provide ethical leadership. We envision a country where small- and medium-sized businesses are supported by thoughtful, evidence-based policy that limits obstacles to their success and sustainability and the private sector works to eliminate structural obstacles to competition, access to markets and effective entry into supply chains.

We advocate for policy makers and big businesses to ‘think small first’. We lobby for government to consider and support SME sustainability in legislation, regulation and procurement policies. Our campaigns include big businesses where SME-supportive supply chain management and payment terms contribute to a thriving sector.

More than 95% of registered businesses in the world are small in size, employing fewer than 250 people and account for 60%-70% of the entire working population. To create employment for over nine million unemployed people, policy makers and regulators must support in practice, an enabling environment for SME to grow and flourish.

We must engage on potential solutions in open discussions using facts and evidence.