Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative

About Us


To be the leading coordinator of Maputo Corridor stakeholders to ensure a cost-effective, seamless and reliable logistics route creating an enabling environment for further investment and growth, bringing positive returns for all stakeholders.


To support the development of the Maputo Corridor into an efficient, sustainable, highly efficient transportation route, to ensure a favorable climate for investment and new opportunities for stakeholders on the corridor and to make the Maputo Corridor the first choice for the region’s stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives

  • Governance Incorporates ensuring the sustainability of the organisation and the maintenance of the highest standard of accounting and financial management and administration, reporting and compliance
  • Services cover the operations of MCLI including membership and stakeholder services, communication, facilitation of engagements with the public sector, marketing of the corridor through various mediums, events and working group meetings. MCLI’s service also include the consultancy role of the organisation in undertaking projects on behalf of stakeholders, which are focussed on corridor issues that will benefit the corridor as a whole
  • Lobby and Advocacy is dedicated to lobbying the relevant public and private sector institutions for improvement in operation efficiencies, reduction of costs, influencing public policy, and representing industry concerns at various levels. Advocation of best practice is focussed on transport, trade facilitation and customs modernisation, port services and corridor management
  • Research is focussed primarily on the collection, collation, analysis and synthesis of data to support MCLI in its lobby, advocacy, services and marketing role


The following core organisational values are imbedded in our organisation to support a culture capable of achieving our Mission:

  • Commitment to good corporate governance to ensure the sustainability, credibility and statutory compliance of the organization to the highest standards.
  • Integrity and trust commitment to the strategic objectives of the organization, Maputo Corridor stakeholders and to maintaining confidentiality of all stakeholder
  • Accountability for words, deeds and actions related to achieving the goals of the organization, maintaining the confidentiality of all data costs, quality, time management and best-practice
  • Transparency and openness in all dealings, within and outside of the organization.
  • A partnership and cooperative approach which is embodied in loyalty to the organization and its objectives, a respectful, positive, an egalitarian approach to all stakeholders. Cooperation with strategic partners for the mutual benefit of the organizations and their constituencies
  • Participation in affecting continuous learning for the organization
  • Professionalism in presentation at all levels in the working environment and in all activities undertaken.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency all activities undertaken


  • Coordinating initiatives and engaging the relevant authorities to contribute to the planning of service and infrastructure improvements
  • Oganising events, fact-finding missions, forums and meetings
  • Communicating progress and developments through electronic newsletters and the media
  • Promoting positive attitudes and perceptions towards the Maputo Development Corridor, and logistical benefits offered by the Corridor
  • Facilitating training opportunities, including industry cross-training of public and private stakeholders to ensure full understanding of the supply chain
  • Putting users in touch with service providers, and providing information on all aspects of how to utilise and benefit from the Corridor
  • Development of a Corridor Supporter and Service Provider Directory and website.
  • Organising strategic quarterly forums
  • Organising service provider forums

A great deal of interest and support has been shown by a wide spectrum of stakeholders across South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland.

These include government departments, cargo owners, road hauliers, inter-modal operators, rail service providers, logistics companies, clearing agents, forwarding agents, shipping lines, port agents, shipping brokers, professional bodies, associations, financial institutions, border post management and officials.

Are you a stakeholder in this important Corridor?

Be committed. Become involved in spreading a positive perception of the Maputo Corridor. MCLI invites you to do just that:

  • Subscribe to MCLI membership
  • Become fully involved in MCLI activities
  • Work together to overcome remaining constraints to the full development of the Maputo Corridor as a cost-effective, highly efficient transportation route.
  • Commit to the utilisation of the Maputo Corridor so that we can achieve greater economies of scale in the use of the infrastructure.
  • Spread your positive perception about the Maputo Corridor
  • Being part of a model Corridor in the making that can be used to facilitate growth elsewhere in sub-Saharan Corridors.

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